An analysis of the characters in main street by lewis sinclair

He dropped out of college before graduation. She tries to introduce something different. When Carol moves to Washington, Kennicott visits her and courts her a second time in order to persuade her to return to Gopher Prairie. He returns from the army to become manager of the Bon Ton, the highest-class store in town.

Like Bjornstam and Valborg before her, Fern leaves town on the train. The townspeople blame Miles for their deaths. Many Americans recognized in Lewis' cynical portrayal of the fictional town of Gopher Prairie something of their own life and the novel brought Lewis immediate fame and notoriety as well as vilification from those who felt it betrayed the core values of the nation.

In turned down a Pulitzer Prize for Arrowsmith on the grounds that he did not believe that the novel represented the "wholesome" standards of the selection committee. After some argument, she and her small son leave for Washington, where she stays for more than a year.

Vida is as domestic and conservative as Carol is nonconformist. Main Street has two-story brick shops flanked by Fords and lumber wagons. Will Kennicott and moving to Gopher Prairie. Guy is an intelligent, middle-aged bachelor lawyer.

It is then that she realizes the shabbiness surrounding her. Bea marries Miles Bjornstam and tragically dies.

Will Kennicott provides a foil to his wife, Carol.

Main Street Characters

Parallel with the story of the Kennicotts is that of Bea Sorenson, who becomes the wife of Miles Bjornstam, a free-thinking Swede. In the end, however, the town defeats her. Lewis defines the village aristocracy as composed of all persons engaged in professions, or earning over twenty-five hundred dollars a year, or having grandparents born in America.

To its citizens, Gopher Prairie is perfection; they can see no need for change. As they drift apart, however, he begins a short-lived secretive affair with Maud Dyer. The surmise that the name Sinclair was assumed later while Lewis was connected with the Utopian schemes of Upton Sinclair is incorrect.

Maud is a neurotic hypochondriac with whom Kennicott begins a secretive affair as his relationship with Carol deteriorates.

Sinclair Lewis Critical Essays

She takes him to look at their sleeping baby daughter and says: It was not until Lewis returned to his native Midwest, however, that his writing solidified and gained momentum.

Though he loves Carol, he is dull and unimaginative, unable to enter her world Bogart, as one of the town's biggest gossips. Lewis displays some ambivalence in his attitude toward Gopher Prairie, softening his satire as the novel continues.

A grocery story has overripe fruit in its window.

Main Street

Because she once loved Will Kennicott herself, Vida develops a love-hate relationship with Carol and tries to become her adviser. The year brought repeal of prohibition, lengthening breadlines, and widespread unemployment. Lewis, and his mother, Emma Kermott Lewis, who died when Harry, as he was then called, was six years old.

She hopes to find a village of the sort described in sentimental novels, with hollyhocks and quiet lanes and quaint inhabitants. "Sinclair Lewis, Author of Main Street" The above is the inscription on an unpretentious marker in the cemetery of Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

It is the m. Main Street by Harry Sinclair Lewis. Home / Literature / Main Street / Main Street Analysis Literary Devices in Main Street. Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory. 95% of this book, you could say that Main Street features a limited third-person perspective, given that it seems to follow only the thoughts and actions of one character—Carol.

In writing Main Street, Sinclair Lewis paid little attention to formal plot development. Consequently the narrative presents a series of episodes rather than a tightly constructed plot.

Carol Milford Kennicott, a graduate of "sanctimonious" Blodgett College, with a year of additional study in a. Sinclair Lewis's novel Main Street is a scathing indictment of life in small-town America during the early years of the 20th century.

The novel tells the story of Carol Milford, a young progressive woman raised in St.

Main Street Analysis

Paul, who marries Will Kennicott, a. Main Street Characters Sinclair Lewis This Study Guide consists of approximately 68 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Main Street.

A list of all the characters in Main Street. The Main Street characters covered include: Carol, Kennicott, Vida Sherwin, Guy Pollock, Bea Sorenson, Miles Bjornstam, Erik Valborg, Fern Mullins, Percy Bresnahan, Raymond Wutherspoon, Hugh, Mrs. Bogart, Aunt Bessie and Uncle Whittier Smail, Maud Dyer.

An analysis of the characters in main street by lewis sinclair
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