Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth

Afterward… It will be life. For six successive years a new child came along. His parents and he sat down on the floor around the table to eat. Some women, when they gave birth, did not cry. Dudong realizes that he is dealing with Youth and Love, and they will triumph over this situation.

On his way home, he makes a stop to relieve himself. Like Dodong, I am denied of its answer. Dodong did not want to come up and stayed in the sun. His father asks if The thin voice touched his heart. The beast turned its head to look at him with dumb faithful eyes.

Dudong does not want Blas to marry so young. Dodong had told him often and again to let the town dentist pull it out, but he was afraid, his father was. The thin voice pierced him queerly. Why it must be so. He walked ahead of them so that they should not see his face.

The setting has a great impact because the story definitely empathizes the situations of a Filipino person and it is appealing for us because we are at the poverty line.

Dodong started homeward thinking how he would break his news to his father. He had said it without any effort at all and without self-consciousness.

Dodong did not read it, too absorbed was he in himself. And because they married early, they lack the experience and the know-how with regards to raising children: In a few moments he would be a father.

But again that feeling of embarrassment came over him, and before his parent, he did not want to be demonstrative. Teang realized how hard being a young parent.

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Why one was forsaken… after love. Dodong could not find the answer. I want to marry Youth must be dreamfully sweet.

Critical Analysis for Footnote to Youth Essay Sample

Dodong have nothing to do but explain how hard and how risky to be in "marriage "at the young age. Within, he avoided his parents eyes.

He was very young.

What is the summary of

He was very young. However, the fact that the title itself is proclaimed a footnote is purposefully putting forth that the subtext is what is vitally important in this story. Dodong felt more embarrassed and did not move. She was shapeless and thin now, even if she was young.

And yet, like his father before him, Dodong did not prevent his son from experiencing those hardships as well. It had seemed to cage him, to compares his thoughts with severe tyranny. Thinking that since they are young, their love would be short, he allowed them to get married.

What made him think that. Footnote to youth story explains the life a youth who get married earlier without planning what will happen ahead. He felt queer, troubled, uncomfortable. Foot note to youth Essay. o teacher gave us this homework where we have to read the story called “footnote to youth” and make a reaction paper about it - Foot note to youth Essay introduction.

“What is footnote to youth mean for you” so that’s the question and here’s my intake on that.

Foot note to youth Essay

Footnote to youth is the title of the story. It is said that it is a footnote to youth because it is abrief reminder for the Filipinos especially the youth of what a real life could be today. It also indicatesthe sources or the causes why youth act this way.4/4(5). What is the full name of author of Footnote to Youth?

What is 'Footnote to Youth' the Whole Story and Characters?

And give a little description about him. Answer: Jose Garcia Villa is a poet, a critic, a short story writer, and a painter. May 16,  · "Footnote to youth" This story tells us that we all have a choice. Our past is not a hindrance to change our future.

"Kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga" thisbsaying is PARTLY true. Partly?it is because all of us have choices. We can change the mistakes that our ancestors had done. In "Footnote to Youth" by José García Villa, Dudong asserts his supposed maturity and marries Teang at the age of Analysis Footnote To Youth.

Footnote to Youth By Jose Garcia Villa allianceimmobilier39.comn the title. In what way is it suitable to the story? Footnote to youth is the title of the story.

Reflection to the readers of the story footnote to youth
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What are the reflections of the story of Footnote to Youth